Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Mobile JRPG Magatsu Wahrheit Releases Worldwide this Month


Publisher Mobimon has announced that the mobile JRPG Magatsu Warheit which first released in Japan in 2019, will release worldwide this October. The game is powered by Unity game engine and is developed and published by KLab.

The game's scenario was written by Miwa Shoda, who worked on Final Fantasy XII. Masaru Yokoyama createthe main theme song (he is known for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans). Hiroaki Ueno (Space Pirate Captain Harlock) and Yoko Tsukamoto (Xenoblade Chronicles X) worked on the concept art, while the character design was handled by Third Echoes, who is known for Caligula.

Story of Magatsu Warheit 

In this world, filled with light. Despair” Ten bolts of light fell from the sky onto the Wahrheit continent, in order to protect the world and their most important people, six Mobile Corps Captains are ready to head out and issuing an emergency summon to sortie! The Mobile Corps is a private military organization made up of people called “Awakeners”. To humanity, only those who have adapted to the light of despair and have the power to fight the Light have the ability to save the world.

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