Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mobile Action RPG World Flipper Releases Worldwide Next Year

South Korean publisher Kakao Games has announced today that the action RPG with pinball elements World Flipper which first released for iOS and Android in November 19 in Japan will release worldwide next year. The game is free to play with microtransactions.

Developed by Cygames, World Flipper is an action RPG in which players slam their characters into enemies to defeat them. Each character has their own unique characteristics and skill sets which can be developed and combined with those of other characters to unleash powerful attacks. 

Players can also team up with other players to defeat especially tough bosses. This multiplayer feature allows you to experience a different kind of fun to what you might normally experience through solo play, like using special abilities to stop enemies in their tracks and deal massive amounts of damage to them.

The main story follows the protagonists and their friends as they adventure through a diverse set of worlds, each portrayed using rich, imaginative artwork.

The Protagonists


One day, a boy and girl encounter a creature claiming to be a hero from another world. They decide to team up with this creature on his journey to return to his homeworld. The three heroes gain the ability to cross worlds, and their journey begins. Perhaps they can even retrieve their lost memories…




Players make use of flippers, launching the characters into enemies by simply tapping on the screen. By tapping on them while they’re in midair, the characters can perform a dash, which allows them to change trajectory to attack enemies. Bringing different characters together unleashes new skills and effects.

Co-op Battles


Team up with up to 2 other players to clear stages of varying difficulties. Characters’ skills can be chained together to deal a huge burst of damage to all enemies.

Challenging Quests


As characters get stronger, new challenges become accessible: quests where players fight against waves of powerful enemies, quests where gigantic boss battles await, and more.

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